Outlook 2010 Sent Items Delayed or Not Shown In Webmail

Hi Experts!

I have a unique issue. First of all our company is running Exchange 2007 with the latest patches and rollups.

1. My user sent a an internal email to another person in the company from Outlook 2010.
2. He checked his Sent Items folder to see that it went through.
3. Sender closed Outlook 2010, shut down his computer.
4. Called the recipient and verified he received the email.
5. Sender went home and opened Webmail and checked in Sent Items folder and noticed the email was not shown.
6. In the morning, sender opened Outlook and checked Webmail and Sent Items was current.

Is there a reason for the email to not be shown in Sent Items folder even after verifying recipient had received email?

I tested the same scenario this morning and verified this. I checked the Exchange message tracking log and sure enough, the email was not found on the Exchange server but I received his test email. When I opened his Outlook 2010 and pressed send/receive, message showed up in message tracking. What's going on with this? Can anyone bring light to this?
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Adam FarageConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchCommented:
Sounds like a corrupt OST or Outlook profile.

I would just rebuild his outlook profile (rename the OST while Outlook is closed, and then through control panel / mail create a new Outlook profile for Exchange).

The reason I say this is because the Sync between Outlook and Exchange seems broken. We can go through many steps on trying to resolve this, or we can simply recreate a profile and (since the settings are synced to Exchange) the issue should be resolved.
Md. MojahidCommented:
May be user close outlook and shutdown computer suddenly after sending mail that why no sync with server.
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