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I have several OU's that need the same delegation of modifying certain attributes placed. I also created a security group to group the users who will be providing the necessary granular modifying of attributes. The problem is I have several OU's to place this exact same delegation of AD. Is there a way to just link this to a group instead of having to go to every OU and then go through the wizard and apply the delegation modfying of attributes, thanks
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Sarang TinguriaConnect With a Mentor Sr EngineerCommented:
I would not recommend to use shortcuts here, use the delegation wizard
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
For Root or Top Level OU's you can use "inherit" permissions for any Child OU's underneith. If you want to add delegation permissions to several top level OU's then you need to delegate this at the domain level down. This will then grant access to All of the Top Level OU's with your permission changes and then you would have to remove permissions from any of the top level OU's that you did not want modified.
The only way really is to apply the delegation to each OU. If you could move the OU's around, you could just apply them to an OU above, but I doubt this is possible since you're asking the question.

You can apply the changes through the security tab of an OU, but it's unlikely to be much quicker.
Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You can also try using DSACLS and script this process.

Hope this helps
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