MS Outlook 2007 auto-complete

I have a user that insists Outlook constantly deletes certain auto-complete entires.  I'm trying to find out the algorithm used by Outlook 2007 for adding entries to the auto-complete file.
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SommerblinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The NK2 file could be corrupted.

Best advice: Teach the user(s) how to add people to their Contact list and there will be no further problems with the autocomplete.

Also, to answer your question: addresses are added to the auto-complete when the user sends them an email, even if it was a reply to an email received.
magarnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  The problem of course is that in our case the user is one of the company owners.  His next question will be how did the nk2 file get corrupted?
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