hard drive corrupt

I have an HP laptop that has an unreadable and corrupt hard drive.  Are there any programs out there that I could run on this drive to recover my outlook pst file?
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You can try scanning the disk attached as a 2nd disk to another PC with getdataback. If the tool sees your file, register it to copy the file off.


Chances though are that if part of the file resides on a corrupt part of  the disk, the file, even if you can recover the file, it may still be corrupt and not readable.

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mkramer777Author Commented:
Is there a way you can only check for the pst file and not waste time looking through the entire hard drive?
I don't think so.
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Nope. And even if you will be able to rescue a pst file it is a great possibility that it is damaged, sou you will need to run scanpst. More time...
Testdisk (remove the drive from the laptop and connect it to another system)

If you have a drive of similar size, you should clone/image the drive.

Corrupt meaning the system will not boot? Running chkdsk while booting from a CD/DVD might be enough to restore functionality, but you should as soon as possible transition to a new drive.  Some drive vendor include acronis true image (vendor edition) that helps transition from old drive to new.
I have used Portable Ubuntu before to recover files from disks where the OS is corrupt. The setup process is easy, just follow the prompts, download the ISO, install on flash drive, reboot to the flash drive & Ubuntu, search the disk for the PST and copy to the flash drive.
you can boot from any live cd, and check if you can copy the pst - and other files-  over
here a couple :
http://www.ubcd4win.com/                              ubcd  Win
ftp://mirrors.kernel.org/knoppix-dvd/KNOPPIX_V7.0.5DVD-2012-12-21-EN.iso      Knoppix

another method is hooking your laptop drive to a working pc as 2nd drive, to copy the files needed
you can best connect the drive to a Sata cable of the pc (much faster than over USB)
but it may be done over USB als; then you need an adapter :
a aste r model (USB 3 if you have that)
Dear . Can you take outside the Hard Drive From the Laptop .After that you can connect with External BOX . or External Cable . you fine in market  easily .after that you take the Backup of your data and save your Outlook Data form the Drive
if you need more help please

please read above : a faster model (USB 3 if you have that)
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
You should take the drive and use cloning software like clonezilla (free--what I recommend) or Ghost and clone the drive first http://clonezilla.org/clonezilla-live.php. Clonezilla uses block by block duplication so whatever is accessible it will duplicate on another drive. You can do this by attaching an external to your laptop or by connecting your laptop drive to a PC with a spare drive. Drive you clone to must be at least as big as the laptop drive. Once you have done that you can a program like Active Undelete (which I use) and it allows you to search for files by any type, including PST files and if it is recoverable it will recover it for you. http://www.active-undelete.com/download.htm
Keep in mind the more you do to the drive now, if you don't clone, the less the chances of recovery are, thus I stress how important it is to clone it to maximize recovery potential.
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