PointPoint: Active Hyperlinks within a Presentation

I have a PowerPoint slide that consists of a few buttons to the left side of the slide.  When you click button, I'd like for it to reach out and grab a corresponding chart and for it to appear on that slide.  For example, if I push the button that is labeled Total count of High Tickets, it will then pull up the bar chart with all the high tickets listed on it.  If I then click total Low tickets, it would then pull that chart on the right side and so on.  What would be the easiest way of doing this?
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Where is the charts data source coming from.  If it is from an external source outside of powerpoint you will need to link it to the power point presentation.

Then you need to setup the action on the button to link to the chart.

If the chart is data which isn't going to be changing, perhaps creating an image of the chart and then setting the action button to display the image as opposed to the linked data.

Here is some information on linking objects in powerpoint (if your chart is an object):


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Trigger animations will be the easiest thing here. http://echosvoice.com/tutorials-2/tutorials-200203/triggers-ppt-2002-2003/ gives an overview of triggers.
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
The chart is a copy and paste from another source that I've pasted into the slide that I'm working on (it will be nothing more than a static image).  I am hoping I can hide the slide that contains the image of the the chart, then call from when I click the corresponding button.  I agree with both of you guys, a trigger is is definitely needed for the click.  My problem is getting each chart to show when different buttons are click to pull up the corresponding chart in the set coordinates on the slide.  Hope that makes sense.  Wondering if one of you wouldn't mind walking me through doing this like I'm a two year old.  ( :   I sure would appreciate it greatly!  Thanks for your help!
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
I think I got it to work.  Thanks guys!
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
Excellent feedback!
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