Joomla Migration 1.5.26 to 2.5.6 via jUpgrade, articles not showing on front-end.

Hello All,

I have inherited a Joomla Site version 1.5.26.  I have cloned the site data and copied the DB to a subdomain, changed the configuration.PHP file to reflect access to the cloned DB and verified all site data and links are working properly.  I then loaded jUpgrade and went through the process of migration.  It completed successfully to version 2.5.6.  I then loaded the new template version 2.5 and extensions.  Some adjusting of module positions was needed as they didn't always transfer properly, e.g. a module was listed as "position-6" when it should have been "right".

NOW that I have tweaked these settings their is still the glaring issue with the articles.  They are all visible on the backend, but on the front-end they don't appear except for a strange link to them.  Once the link is clicked, the article loads properly within the page.

Here are the sites both before and after for reference.

Pre-Upgrade  J1.5.26:
Post-Upgrade  J2.5.6:

Thanks for looking.
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Rowby GorenCommented:
Not sure if this will help. but I had a problem with Jupgrade and found that during the transfer I did not include a couple of parameters.  (Jupgrade, as I recall, gives you a lot of options as you prepare for your migration.)  In my case I did not include Language and Username of each article -- as I recall.)

1)  Language of each article
2)  Username (as I recall) who authored each each article.
Joomla requires both.

This may or may not be your problem, but here is how I fixed it.

1.) In the Article Manager Choose from the dropdown "Display All"  
Then click on the Language column to sort by Language.  Scroll down and make sure the language is indicated for each article.  Most likely it will say "All".  If any are blank, get back to me here and I will show you how to fix that.

2 )  In the same Article Manager, sort by Created by.  Are they all super user?  Or at least is an author included with each article.  If any are blank let me know.  To fix this, you may have to use your cpanel's phpmyadmin system.   In my case the author  was, as I recall the administrator, but the migrated site had a different ID for the administrator.

Anyway let me know if you see any of 1 or 2 issues.  Even if 2 looks okay, I may still want you to look into your database using phpmyadmin to make sure if the article(s) were written by the SuperAdministrator that the ID for the articles match the current ID for the migrated site.


P.S.  For my most recent migration from Joomla 1.5 to 3.0 I used Migrate me which while may have less options, is more straight forward and basically worked.  (But don't try to combine Migrate me with Jupgrade.  There is a warning on the Migrate Me website about trying to use Migrate me after using Jupgrade on the same site.   This is just for future reference.)   Migrate me on JED
drudesillAuthor Commented:
Hi Rowby,

Thank you for the detailed instructions!

For item one I didn't see any language issues.

For Item two I understand fully what you mean.  7 of the articles were blank under "created by"  When I examined the data in myPHPadmin I noticed that the ID 62 (my Super User Account) was used for all articles except those 7.  The 7 DID have other ID's 63 & 64, which I believe were old admin accounts from a previous site migration.

So, given the above, is it safe to change the data within the table(s) in myPHPadmin?  And, does the "modified by" need to reflect a valid user aw well?

One note, This hosting provider does not offer cPanel unfortunately...



PS. Thanks for the note on "migrate me" .  I still have my original, untouched, 1.5.26 install so if this doesn't end up working I can always give that a shot.
Rowby GorenCommented:
Yes, as long as you have a backup of your database, use phpmyadmin to correct the wrong author id's to the correct one.

Hopefully that will resolve the erratic behavior you have been seeing.

And, yes, I would correct the modified by if it also has an old incorrect author id.

Of course you would first go into Joomla's user manager and confirm which id is "correct".


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drudesillAuthor Commented:
HI Rowby,

No luck with the modification to the database.  Though, joomla now reports all articles created and by Admin and none are blank any longer.

I think I will give the migrate me a shot.


drudesillAuthor Commented:
Points for comments in the right direction.  In the end-used migrate me with OK results.  Thanks.
Rowby GorenCommented:
Good.  I am happy migrate me worked for you.

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