DVD that works on PC not on DVD player

i have some DVDs on DVD-R but when put on DVD players, it works sometime not others.. is there a DVD format I can get that will guarentee to play most of the time on most of the DVD players out there?

what format are the professional DVDs that they play almost all the time in all the DVD players?
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There are DVD+R and DVD-R formats.  There has been much debate on which is most compatible.  Modern DVD players should have no trouble with either but if it is an older player, you might try re-burning one of the DVDs at a slower speed, maybe 2x or even 1x to see if that has better results.

Since you are getting mixed results, it may be a firmware issue but I don't think it is upgradable in typical DVD players.  But the easiest solution would be to replace the DVD player with a modern one if possible.
DVD-R is the older format, and DVD+R is newer, and definitely used more. Some higher-end DVD players will support both, but most will only support DVD+R. So, that's the one you should use for best compatibility.
Dear ,  Can you write the DVD for direct dvd burner software  DVD Player & with computer  play easily.
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... DVD+R is newer, and definitely used more ..." ==>  +R is indeed slightly new; but it's not clear at all that it's "used more".    

"...  but most will only support DVD+R ..."  ==> Not at all true.   Most players support both formats, but those that only support one are more likely to support -R than +R

According to the fairly comprehensive testing the folks at CDRInfo have done, 96.74% of players support DVD-R, while only 87.32% support DVD+R.    

You can see the details of the testing (and look up any specific player to see its media compatibility) here:

Note that if your player is compatible with the media type you're using, but the DVDs aren't playing, it's likely that you've burned the DVD too fast, or that you simply have a media incompatibility issue with the specific BRAND of blank media -- NOT with the TYPE of media.

"... what format are the professional DVDs that they play almost all the time in all the DVD players?  "  =>  These are neither of the recordable formats -- they're pressed DVDs
I'm just going to add that DVD is in only one format regardless what is burnt to the DVD
When video is authored to DVD format it is converted to mpeg2 compliant Vobs,
on the disc they will look like Video_ts 1- followed by Video_ts 2-3-4
with the ifo and bup files.
There is also Bluray.
Answers this>what format are the professional DVDs that they play almost all the time in all the DVD players?<< they should play all the time.
There is good quality and there is cheap DVD player like Gruendig slimline they are no good.
If some work and some fail could also be a cheap quality DVD platter.
Always buy good quality such as Sony, TDK and Verbatim.
Cheap DVD platters can have a very poor mirror, after all it is really just a clear piece of plastic with a mirror added on one side so that this imprints the digital information.
When you buy DVD platters even a spindle of them, check the burn speed on the Disc. Choose minimum x4 or x8 and then use that speed when burning.
Other things that can affect playback is the regeon.
Always use the DVD for your regeon.

If your TV supports USB2, there is a USB stick/USB Hard drive and set your TV to USB and play them.
Say good Bye to DVD's
The video should be single video though in the format of either or both mpeg or divx avi
You get a menue to select which movies to watch or music pictures just like the media center.

Raspberry pi works a treat even supports mp4 plug your USB stick into a raspberry pi.
They are now available with a pre installed with Frodo or open-elec and media center XBMC and has a case
You simply plug it in with your high def digital cable to the TV and add a USB
Looks like this

Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Your dvd player probably can't read the new formats.  That's common with DVD players. Also, I've seen that most dvd players will only read the DVD-R format. I suggest you stay with that format going forward. it's less trouble.

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it helped me- thanks.
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