Multiple Exchange accounts in Outlook 2010

I need help wit the execution of .

One one workstation it works allright: two Exchange accounts between which I can switch without problems, that is without being asked for credentials. On the other machine however, I am being constantly asked for them.
In the good setup my emailaccount settings look like:
(Primary) Microsoft Exchange Server.....(MS Exchange (send from this account by Default)
B&B (MS Exchange

However the other machine shows:
(Primary)B&B De Oester.........(MS Exchange (send from this account by Default) Exchange).

The article describe how to get from setup 2 to setup 1, but I find the terminology 'manager', 'second account' etc confusing.

So in the second setup,
1. should I first remove the '' account?
2. No risk of data loss?
3. And then: what do they mean after: '2.Add the second mailbox as an additional mailbox. (This differs from a second account). To do this, follow these steps:'
(I am then supposed to have removed the account am I not, so that leaves me one account, which one is then supposed to be the second).

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TheoRichelConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well I have just found out that my provider just does not support MS Exchange. Unexpectedly for me and I guess I'll have to change to another provider.
I have recently had similar issues and discovered..
I have two exchange servers, on separate domains - such as a person who contracts for two companies and wishes to use outlook to connect to both.
If the usernames are slightly different between the two serves it works perfectly.
eg - server one you are John Smith, and server two Jsmith.
If the names are identical it fails - no amount of changing settings on the two servers fixes this - you have to create a new user. You can edit the alias and email addresses appropriately but the ORIGINAL username has to be different. Then it worked perfectly.
TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
Thank you, but the usernames certainly are not identical.

Meanwhile the whole problem has disappeared, so I'd rather delete this question.
TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
I was the one who discovered that what I wanted was not possible.
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