Convert multi page PDF file to multi page TIFF file

Our Canon corporate scanner can only save multipage scanned docs into PDF
with colors.

Pls indicate freeware tools that could convert it into TIF / TIFF multipage
doc.  The PDF file can be in tens or hundred over MB in size & chews up
lots of RAM on my PC, so I need the smaller TIFF files.  Pls provide step
by step instruction on how to use the tool to convert as well.

Can Irfanview do this conversion?
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Zamzar is not good: the converted tiff file is almost 80-90
times larger than the original PDF file.

The last tool you suggested from Cnet converts into single page
Tiff file only: if the PDF has 3 pages, it generates 3 Tiff files, each
of them alone is bigger than the PDF file.  So that's not good.

Still trying to figure out how to use Gimp.

Meanwhile, anyone has better option, appreciate any inputs
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Yes, IrfanView can do it, but you need to install the PlugIns to get PDF support. Also, it's good practice to install the core product and the PlugIns at the same time so that versions are compatible.

Go to the IrfanView home page:

Click the Download link on the left to download IrfanView and click the PlugIns link on the left to download the PlugIns. Install IrfanView first, then install the PlugIns (again, it's required to get PDF support).

Then open the PDF file in IrfanView and do a Save As to TIF. When you do that, you'll get a "TIFF save options" dialog:
IrfanView Save As TIFF optionsIf you don't see the above dialog, check the "Show options dialog" checkbox at the bottom of the Save As dialog:
Show options dialog checkboxI've done a lot of experimenting with the Compression options:

Huffman RLE

For black&white docs, the best for me has been CCITT Fax 4 (the better term is CCITT Group 4, and it is now called ITU-T Group 4, but Irfan hasn't updated the terminology). So if you want to convert the color PDFs to black&white TIFFs, select the CCITT Fax 4 option. But if you want to convert the color PDFs to color TIFFs, then experiment with the color Compression options (LZW, Padkbits, JPEG, ZIP) to see which you prefer.

Btw, since you have multipage docs, make sure the "Save all pages from original image" box is checked at the bottom of the TIFF options dialog (see first screenshot above). Regards, Joe

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zoedtdt zzCommented:
Try the multi page tiff to pdf conversion directly and easily with high quality on page
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