Files and folders are not seen untill manuel refresh

We're using Windows 8 Pro 64 bit on a Sony Vaio Ultrabook. This is a brand new touchscreen notebook with 8GB memory. When we copy a file or folder from any location and paste it to some other location, those files and folder are not displayed for minutes at the destination location except you manually refresh Windows Explorer via F5. We know the copied files or folder are there right at he destination because if you try to copy/paste the same file to the same location, the system asks if we wanted to replace the existing one! The weird side is it only occurs when the notebook is connected to the internet (either with WiFi or integrated 4G card) out of the office. It doesn't occur at the office wireless network, when the notebook is connected to the internet through the office LAN. I have never witnessed that ordinary fs operations such as copy/paste are effected by the connectivity state of the said computer.
No viruses, no worms,.. Any idea will be appreciated.
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Close all apps and then run this fixit

Reboot system and check.

sbayrakAuthor Commented:
Even the solution was not the one suggested inside the post itself, it was mentioned among the user comments.

I had multiple network path shortcuts under "My Computer" window that were pointing couple of office network devices. When the computer is connected to a different network other than office LAN, it cannot reach those network paths and somehow blocks Windows Explorer's refreshing function. I've deleted those network path shortcuts and re-created them under My Documents folder as ordinary shortcuts, now everything works fine.

Thank you very much.
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