MS Picture Manager with MS Access 2007

Hello Experts - I hope you can help me out again.

I am using MS Access 2007.
The database is going to store photos of posters for a poster contest.
Users will vote on the poster.

On the MS site, it says to use OLE to link to either jpg or gif. It does this using MS Photo Editor.

Of course, Photo Editor is no longer available. I have MS Picture Manager, but using it gives me the error "Package" instead of the bitmap image I should be seeing.

My OS is XP and it is a work laptop so I have to do it on this laptop.

How can I make the OLE work? I want to store the pictures in the database because I'll be moving this to our NAS and it is easier to move this way.

Thank you,
Steph M
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
Yes OLE was never a good platform for storing images.  You say that you ae using Access 2007.
If so then you can use the Access 2007 database format, then insert the image into a "Attachment field"
This will display the record image in a form or report when you insert that attachment field.

But anytime you "Store" an image in Access it creates bloat.
The more standard approach is to store the "Path" to he image instead.  Here is a sample
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Bitmaps only I'm afraid.
Don't  download this as it only downloads MS Office 2003 Service Pack
 I did find a source of picture manager 

BE VERY CAREFUL on installation so you don't get the included garbage.
1st screen go to advanced and unselect from the bottom up, remaining screens select decline.
then you will get the download to start.
 It only downloads Office 2003 Service Pack.
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