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Dear All,

I have three SQL 2008 R2 servers, i need to configure one of them as a Witness server, and others as mirror servers.

I need to know how i can configure the Witness? is there a configuration? i have now idea about the configuration?

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Creating certificates are available at this link
If you wait for 2 days I will give a script that I have done in MSSQL 2005 .
There are several examples within EE
I think the above link references the below link, but if not

The simple process is to use ssms.
Transfer the logins frm the current server to the other
This is needed in the event you transitin to the mirror, the databases uses the SID rather than a username to grant rights.

Create a backup of the database and transfer it to the second server.
On the second server (the one that will be the mirror), Restore the database leaving it in recovery mode. (Do not bring it online).
On the main server right click on the database, properties/mirror.
The wizard is fairly straight forward, you have a choice whether you want to setup with or without a witness. The witness can be added/removed as long as the setup has two functions. Te draw back against w/ witness is that should the mirror and witness go down (power, connectivity, etc) the database will become inaccessible as well.  In a mirror with witness, any combination of two nodes must be online for the mirrored database to be online.

Go through the wizard, and upon completion start the mirror. Te issue at times depends on how active your database is.  To establish mirroring, some transactions must have occurred since the backup was taken, I.e. if there were no transactions since the backup was taken, there are no transactions to push which are used to confirm the establishment of the mirroring setup.

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