Exchange 2010 using 2 different gateways

I have a somewhat unique situation. I am running both cable and dsl. Cable unfort is blocking 25 so that is impacting the exchange server and there no way to open.

What I would like to do is have the 2008R2 server that Exchange is installed on run from gateway/nick and have Exchange 2010 send/rec email through another. Is there a way that I can bind Exchange to to work through 1 specific nick or gateway IP??

The Exchange server is a simple Exchange 2010 running on a 2008R2 in VM. No frontend servers, etc - straight vanilla network.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
The most common way this is achieved is to put a true router at your network edge. You can then create rules on your router for different traffic types which forward traffic on to the individual modems as necessary. Then your computers simply point to the router as their gateway.

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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Agreed. Something like a sonicwall can take both wan connections and make rules for what to go where.
This is actually very simple because we are talking about two different servers. The networking setup of the host and any guest VMs are separate. Point the host to the cable modem for the gateway and point the guest VM to the DSL modem for its gateway.
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bcp_cnsllcAuthor Commented:
What I want to do is this. Have cable modem (100 down / 20 up) and a DSL modem (10 down max and whatever up).

On the Exchange server (forget host and VM slice - only reason I said that was on a VM is just for clarification in case there was some different with a VM setup) I want the Exchange part bound to the DSL since that is the only port 25 that I can get open. I want the rest of the server that Exchange is running on pointed to the cable for speed purposes.

Reasoning is that I need the rest of the network running on the cable for speed purposes and use a dns2go client to do my static conversion and routing for Exchange mx and domain name . I run an FTP, RDP and website also so looking to get that onto the cable for best speed.
I assume that the rest of the network is not running on the same operating system instance (server) as Exchange. You should not be using your Exchange server for FTP, Web serving, RDP, or anything else. You can have all of your devices except for the Exchange server point to cable for the gateway, this will give most things cable for speed. The Exchange server will need to point to the DSL for its gateway.
bcp_cnsllcAuthor Commented:
The solution is correct BUT wouldn't work in my case. I subsequently have been forced into looking at another direction since no one could answer if the app Exchange can be pinned to 1 NIC and the 2008R2 server itself (again not referring to the host server) pinned to a different NIC.

Thanks for your help.
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