How to save and check the debug message in router

After the logging console 7 is configured, the debug messages can be watched via console in the router/Pix. But when I want to watch history debug message via some command "show logging history", i did not find these debug message. Any experts can give me some suggestions ? Thank you.
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debug messages typically will not be viewed in the buffer. If you install a free syslog server and put the ip address of the server in your router, all debug messages would be stored in your server then,for later viewing. The cisco hardware buffer is very very limited for logging......

A not so good method would be "logging file flash:<filename>" which will save the logfile in your flash memory. Be sure to mention min size and max size or else the flash would be exhausted in no time.

"logging history size" (1-500) is the max number of messages that can be stored in your hardware. Default is one message.

EESkyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your for your fast reply.  Due to your suggestion, i found in some IOS, it can save debug message and show it in router.

it looks like the command "logging file flash:<filename>" could not be typed in. Maybe it need different version of ios, right ?
"the logging file flash" I can see it in my switches but not routers. So may be it's for the switches.

Debug messages should fill your buffer in no time. I never tried it in the router. Our syslog server captures every debug though.

Theoretically, if your logging(sev 7) is on and "logging buffered" is there, you should see a limited debugging messages in "sh logg history".

Just note that you are not suppose to view debug messages through your buffer. The purpose of debug is to issue the command, view it in the console, troubleshoot the problem and disables it.

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EESkyAuthor Commented:
Thank you !
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