KMS Server not authenticating MS Windows and MS Office in virtual environment.

I have been unable to reliably setup a KMS server to use in a Citrix PVS 6.1 streamed environment.  The network is completely virtual.  I am using windows 7 pro, Windows server 2008 R2, and Office 2010.  For the KMS server I am using the VAMT 3.0 tool.  After lots of reading about KMS and volume activation, this is what I understand about it.  
     Any type of Volume License version of Windows 7 and Office 2010 come installed with a default VL key.  It is design to do a DNS lookup for a KMS server to activate itself using something called CID's.  Then the KMS server communicates that with Microsoft.  
   This network was not using a VAMT tool before, but was not reliable.  Some window 7 clients would not show genuwine, but some would.  So in my attempt to fix this issue I am trying a new KMS server with the VAMT 3.0 tool.  I have unpublished the old KMS servers to my best understanding.  I have installed the VAMT 3.0 tool with KMS keys for Server 2008 R2,   windows 7 pro, office 2010.   I deleted the old SRV entry in DNS and create a new one for the new server.  For my streamed vdisk, I put them in a private image mode and ran the rearm command to put Windows 7 and Office back in a non activated mode.  Put the Vdisk back in standard mode and made sure the Vdisk was set for KMS activation.  Logged into my virtual machines and office and windows 7 show either not activated or not genuine.  I also ran a nslookup -type=srv  _vlmcs._tcp.domain on a client and it doesn't show the KMS server.  The firewall is turned off on the clients and kms server.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
VAMT and KMS are two different technologies.  VAMT uses MAK keys, KMS uses a KMS server and KMS keys. VAMT remains activated, KMS reactivates every 6 months.  VAMT  has no minimums, KMS has 25 Client O/S minimum, 5 Server O/S minimum, 5 Office minimum)
Only KMS creates the _srv record
KineticNetworkingAuthor Commented:
Wow, Thank you.  I though they were the same and that VAMT tool was the GUI interface for KMS.  Do you have any tips on using KMS in a Citrix PVS 6.1 streamed environment?
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