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We have a PC with a vga/hdmi external graphics card.
Monitor is attached via hdmi.  We are currently splitting the vga signal to a vga projector, and a coax/rca (has an adapter on both ends) to a large monitor.  
I tried splitting the vga to another desktop monitor, but it loses connection periodically.
So, I need to replace the current splitter.  I'd like to get away from that adapter as well, so I'm hoping for 2 (3 would be better, for growth) vga outputs, along with either a strait rca-to-rca, or svideo-to-svideo splitter.  I've found in some forums that my existing problem is because my splitter doesn't support ddc, so that's a requirement as well.
I can't seem to find anything that meets this criteria however...
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
VGA signals can usually be split 2-ways with a y-adapter, but you get much better results with an amplified splitter that maintains the signal level.

Here's a 4-output active splitter that will let you connect your VGA output to 4 devices with no problem:

You can also get 2 way and 4 way active HDMI splitters, if you want to connect multiple devices to your HDMI output.  e.g. here's a 4-way unit:

Both of these suggestions assume you're simply duplicating the displays.   If you need to display DIFFERENT screens simultaneously, you'll need to either get a display card that supports 3 or 4 outputs [e.g. a 3 or 4 output Eyefinity card], or get 2 cards with 2 (or more) outputs on each.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
The projector is already cabled vga, so I didn't want to run a new hdmi cable for that anyway.  The hdmi output is for the main display.  The vga signal is the extended display, same for 3 screens (2nd monitor, projector and lcd display that only has rca/composite inputs).
We are using a program called media shout and it's dropping the extended display, probably because it's not amplified enough...  If I detach the 2nd monitor and just run the tv and projector, it's fine with the existing switch (tho the tv occasionally flutters and loses signal, another reason why I was thinking of shifting to svideo on that one).
But to get the 2nd monitor, I added another splitter to the existing one and that's when we began to have the display drop.

Neither of these options will work though.  The one we currently have has one vga in, one out, and one rca port (which the coax is attached through to the tv).  I would need one with a vga in, at least 2 vga out, and one svideo out...  Unless that makes it a requirement to use an adapter again.  : \  Wanted to end up with one splitter, instead of the two I was trying to use.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Is your current adapter an active (amplified) adapter, or just a Y-adapter?

If the latter, that explains the dropouts.

Does your "...  lcd display that only has rca/composite inputs ..." have COMPOSITE input [a single RCA plug for video and one or two for audio] or COMPONENT inputs [3 RCA plugs for video and one or two for audio] ??

And how are you getting that signal?      For example, if it's a composite connection, do you have an active convertor (something like this: )?      Same question if component [ ]

What's the make/model of your current graphics card?    With that info, and clarification on the "RCA inputs" for the LCD display, I may be able to suggest a configuration can use fewer adapters.
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sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Computer has hdmi and vga output.
hdmi connects to the main monitor.
vga connects to the current splitter, which is powered (not a y-adapter).  From there, it splits from the single vga input to a vga output and an rca/coax output (there is a single rca adapter on both sides of the coax).
The vga output goes to a projector.
The rca goes to the tv.  It has both composite input (single rca for video, along with 2 for audio - red/white/yellow combo) along with component input (I think it was 3 for video and at least 2 for audio - seems like there may have been 6 though).

What I attempted to do was take the vga output, from the currently splitter, and split it again (another powered splitter).  The video will typically last about 8 minutes in this setup, but then drop - and it seems to be only when cycling/looping through a group of initial images.  I don't recall having the drop when I got out of the automated loop and manually progressed the slides.

And how are you getting that signal?  
I believe it's a composite connection, not using the component setup.  But the way that was cabled is very wonky - it runs down one wall, back up to a sound room and then over to the tv.  It's a weird setup, and one I was hoping to resolve by (eventually, if not now) recabling it.

This is running off a new Asus PC.  Onboard vga is not being used, just the external AMD Radeon HD 7470.  I will try to get the current splitter(s) make/model, but I know the one I was trying to introduce seemed like an el cheapo...

MediaShout's forums suggested it could be cabling, so I did try another vga cable today (much beefier than what was being used before), but the same results.

Thanks for your time and advice.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The HD7470 came in a lot of configurations.    Does yours ONLY have the VGA and HDMI outputs?    [i.e. no DisplayPort output or DVI outputs?]

If it has additional outputs, you can use one of those and simplify things a good bit -- the chipset itself supports Eyefinity, so you can support more displays directly from the card (up to 4).

If that's not a possibility, then I'd try the following (unless the passthrough adapter is the one you're already using):

=>  Connect your video card's VGA output to this adapter, which has VGA passthrough plus a composite and s-video output for your TV:

=>  Connect the output of that adapter to an active VGA splitter to drive the other VGA devices you want to use.    The 4-way splitter I suggested above should work fine, or you could just buy a 2-way splitter if that's all you need.

I agree, by the way, that this issue may not be with your splitter topology, but with the cabling, especially if these are long runs [> 50 ft].    If that's the case, you may need to restructure the topology to amplify the signals.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Does yours ONLY have the VGA and HDMI outputs?

I do have an old Gigabyte GV-NX73G256D-RH (vga/dvi/svideo) that I was toying with adding to supply a signal to the 2nd desktop monitor.  Though, I'm not sure if I could extend onto the tv & projector and duplicate that display on the 2nd monitor.  Media shout has a 3rd 'stage' display that I might be able to setup for this.

I think I may try simply replacing the svideo cable for the composite setup to the tv, reducing a lot of unnecessary cable run.  Will see where that gets me - probably won't get to it until next week though.

I appreciate the input.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Using s-video instead of composite is a good next-step.   Hopefully that will resolve it.

If not, and if your PC has a slot for the old Gigabyte video card so you can simply add a 2nd card, that is likely the best way to resolve this.    If the Windows display manager doesn't support mirroring between the two displays (I think it will, but not sure that's true with Windows 8 ... which I assume your new PC is running),  then you can do it with UltraMon [ ]

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sirbountyAuthor Commented:
May be a few days longer before I can test this.  I have someone that has a spare 50' svideo cable - hoping to catch up with him in a few days...
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
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I still haven't been able to test the cable replacement, but I feel sure it will certainly be better than what we have.
Thanks again for all of your help.
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