Excel formula to automate copying within spreadsheet

Is there an excel formula to automate copying name by n amount of times. Can this be done by copying macro from one name to another?

This is very easy to do it manually.  I have lots of names to do it.  Please see the attached spreadsheet.

So, first row is list of names; and second rows is number of times to being copies.  Last row is just excel formula to count names to avoid careless errors
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I selected cells [A3:A30] & entered the following array formula (into cell [A3]):

That is, I used [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[ENTER], rather than simply [ENTER] to confirm the formula entry.

I then copied cell [A3], across row 3 to cell [G3].

In cell [A32] I updated the existing formula from:

I then copied cell [A32] to cells [B32:G32].

The result may be seen within the attached workbook.


Hi maximyshka,

I would rather use the VBA to do this exercise.

However the possible formula you may go for is:

=IF((ROW(A3) - 2) <= A$2, A$1, "")

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Just copy it to cell A1 and then to the whole range of cells you need to have populated with names.
maximyshkaAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  However, it's not working for the task I need.

I need to copy names by number of times designated in the spreadsheet.

Your formula will only allow to copy names.  This is not what I asked in the question
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Hi maximyshka,

hmm, ok. Do not get me wrong but I am a bit confused as your goal is still unclear to me.

However I took a look at your demand once again.

Attached you can find a workbook with two sheets "Formula" and "Macro".

Contains just the formula mentioned in my previous comment copied to several cells. Please check this out.

=IF((ROW(A3) - 2) <= A$2, A$1, "")

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Population of cells with names is done using the button "Copy names". The macro first cleans the content of all rows starting with row 3 and then populates cells in each column with names.

ub CopyNames()

Dim x As Long

Rows(3 & ":" & ActiveSheet.Rows.Count).Delete

For x = 1 To Cells(1, 1).End(xlToRight).Column

    Range(Cells(3, x), Cells(Cells(2, x) + 2, x)).Value = Cells(1, x)

Next x

End Sub

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FYI, the population of the fields could be changed in the way so that it is done upon a definiton/change of the value in second row.
maximyshkaAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.  This is an excellent job.

FP: your approach is working.

johnnyho: you also did a very good job.

However, I'll choose FP approach: very easy and simple to use.
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
You're very welcome.
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