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So I LOVE programming and have been doing it a long time.  My 2 favorite combinations are Visual Basic 6/MSSQL Server and PHP/mySQL.

Most of my stuff is in VB6, but the language is so old and I want to turn the page because I'm facing limitations and the VB6 community is dwindling when I have a question.

My needs are to interact with current websites and store information in a db.

What would you all suggest as a more up-to-date language.

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The easy way to upgrade from VB6 is to VB .Net, however, please understand it's still a big change because VB .Net is an object oriented language while VB6 is not.

If what you want is to program websites, I would use PHP/mysql, which you already know and it's very used nowadays and it's very powerful too.

Hope it helps. Regards

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hrolsonsAuthor Commented:
No, I don't really program websites.  More like data mining and then I also interact with web pages like automatically pressing buttons on sites where I order products.  

For an example, let's say my program compares 10 websites to see which one has the best deal for Visine right now.  My program then goes to that website and orders the product, entering name, address, billing info and so on.  And stores all data along the way in a db.
hrolsonsAuthor Commented:
So do you have to buy the whole visual studio just to use VB.Net?
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Yes, I'm affraid so. VB .Net is not sold as a standalone product.

However, you can use Visual Studio express for free:
Microsoft is in serious trouble.. And therefore all developers working with MS have serious questions to consider.. We had developed a large (1 million lines of code) business system in VB6 that MS says is now useless. MS acknowledges that it will take us several man-years to upgrade our system to Dot.Net! But, because our development was paid-for by several non-profits (like the "Salvos") - that re-write is not going to happen!
The major local colleges that support us are now telling us "not to bother re-writing to 'Dot.Net' because they are 'reading between the lines' that MS is not going to support Dot.Net for more than another few years!
In MS eyes, 4th GL is where they are heading and Dot.Net is "Old Style".
MS is heading for a major 'class-action' and a company breakup.. Like a million other VB6 developers, you need to wait as long as possible before deciding to migrate! (maybe to Delphi and DB-Nexus??)
BrianVSoft, I think Visual Studio still has a lot of years of life. However, computer science have often this problem: what is last technology today can be obsolete in a very few time.

Also, I agree migrate some applications is often a huge work, so this is why I often consider carefuly if an application should be migrated or not. Most companies makes new applications with new technologies but maintain old application with its old technology. I think this could be a good strategy if all that application should do is possible to do with the old technology.

But it seems this is not the case here as hrolsons says they have experiment problems due to VB6 limitations.
hrolsonsAuthor Commented:
Don't get me wrong.  I absolutely LOVE VB6.  It does everything I need it to do.  The main problem I have is that I use the webbrowser control, and as new versions of Internet Explorer come out, they don't play well with my old programs.

I tried to install IE6 and it wouldn't work on a 64-bit machine.  I'm running Windows 7 Home, so I can't set up a virtual machine, but I may consider upgrading.
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