InstallShield Express Verion 18 problem

Having an issue with building an x86 app in that it is trying to pull in a merge module that is not required by the application or any of the associated DLL's. As you can see from the screen shots I'm choosing the c++ 10.0 CRT (x86) but for some reason it's trying to use the IA64. I even tried to rename the MSM file it's trying to read.Screen shot 1Screenshot 2
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)Connect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
I do not have these dlls on my system and still use another version of Office, so I do not know the exact use of these dll, put I was flagged by the docx and pptx that are the extensions used by newer versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

A quick search on the Internet seems to show that DocXManagedWrapper and PptXManagedWrapper these are part of a library that can be used to convert documents between different formats. They seem to be incorporated in a few products, for instance and

As you can see, Nuance is referenced in both of these pages, but they have other products than OmniPage, and these dlls seem to be installed by other companies that use Nuance libraries with their own. You probably still have a reference to something that uses these.
Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
Look at the end of Screenshot 2. It is adding the 64-bits module because some of the dlls you use with the application are 64-bits. At least 2 of these like stuff needed for Office (DOCX and PPTX). You possibly have Office 64-bits installed on your station, this is what you are referencing, and it thus require the 64-bits version of C++ 10.0 to go along.

Microsoft warns about possible compatibility problems when installing Office 64-bits, and suggest using the 32-bits version even on 64-bits computers ( This might solve your problem.
csalernoAuthor Commented:
Is there an easy way to find as I thought what you've suggested but unable to find anything? I don't have any Office 64 bit products installed. Why do you think it's Office related?
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csalernoAuthor Commented:
I removed a CSDK I had installed for Nuance OmniPage 64 bit and the messages found in screenshot 1 are cleared but I'm still getting the error found in screenshot 2.
csalernoAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks for the research and I will dig deeper.
csalernoAuthor Commented:
I removed those files from the Nuance collection, not sure why they were included and the Install package built successfully.

Thanks for your help
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