Should I use Amazon EC2 or VPC?

hi guys

I've got a start up business that will soon launch. It's a tech-startup and the entire business relies on the website.

I've currently got three EC2 instances setup, one development Windows 2008 server and two Amazon servers with php,mysql and apache that are load balanced. I also have one RDS instance that was created in the VPC.

My question is, based on the fact that this business relies heavily on the Website and it's hosting, should I put the EC2 instances in the VPC also? Is that what you would do?

thanks for your input
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Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
VPC and EC2 make up no real difference, since your instances are EC2 no matter what. But with VPC you get a lot more flexibility at no additional costs, so you should use VPC. This is why you always have a Default VPC configured with every new AWS account.
With EC2 you only get a bunch of 'public' hosts; VPC puts them in their own private subnet.
This is desirable for both security and management reasons.

Depending on your funding / security / local infrastructure you only have to decide what kind of VPC: Public or private. Private VPC cost more (since VPN connection charges apply) and you need a decent firewall with a fixed public IP. This is really there to extend your local infrastructure since you can basically manage all hosts through Active Directory if you like - and it is as secure as your local network.

For your purpose I think it is best to have either a full pubic VPC or a mixed, with a private and a public part. Think of the public part like a DMZ. The load balancers and web hosts would be in the public part while the database servers could be in the private part of your VPC.

Later on, with more local network and hardware in your office you could integrate the VPC in your network. This could not be done with EC2 hosts only (ok, you could image them and restart in VPC, but this is surely not the point here)

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YashyAuthor Commented:
Helge00, thank you for your input there. I'll do my best to go ahead with the VPC in public for now and then maybe later involve the private side too to keep costs lower for now.
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