Hyper-v and Internet connection

I am new in Hyper-v.

I installed a windows server 2012 and then I installed Hype-v role.

I am wondering if I can install DC, DNS, DHCP roles on same machine ( host server ) or not.

Also I installed 2 VMs ( Windows server 2012).

In host server I have 2 NIC card. I assigned public IP address on one of them so I have internet connection. How about VMs now ? How can I have internet connection for Vms sine I don't have anymore public address ?

Please advise.
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jmanishbabuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Note that to have Internet in your VMs, you have to have Internet on your Hyper-v server with your physical NIC !

Create an external virtual network (linked to your physical NIC)

1. Open the Hyper-v Manager

2. On the right side, click on Virtual Network Manager

3. A window is opened where you can create 3 types of virtual network (External, Internal and Private)

4. Choose External and click on the button Add

5. You can specify the name of your virtual network AND the connection type : choose your physical NIC

6. Click on OK to apply your configuration

7. If you check your Network Connections, you will see that you have your external virtual network created

To link your virtual network to a VM :

1. Open the settings of a VM

2. In the network configuration, choose to link your VM to the external virtual network created

3. Click OK to apply

4. When you will open a session on your VM, you will have access to Internet

Configure if you have any proxy settings on your IE if you have any.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
2012 Standard you are using all available licenses (2) The host machine can only be used to manage the vm's .. The only role allowed is hyper-v

2012 Datacenter - Yes you can as you have unlimited licensing.

With a router/switch you can have as many as you need private ip addresses
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