Office365 issues searching shared calendars

Plumbing contractor
Dispatcher using shared calendars to schedule field people
All desktops win 7 64
Office Pro Plus 2013
Outlook 2013
Dispatcher has Owner rights to shared calendars

So the technician is attempting to search multiple shared calendars in the search box to find appointments and was getting "no search results." Further research shows multiple results to deleted items in the users calendar to actually results. I have not been able to figure out any rhyme or reason.

My googling "issues searching shared calendars office365" returned 1 result of a person having a similar issue

I have attempted duplicating the issue on other computers on the same account and in my own Office365 account and basically can not successfully search shared calendars consistently

Has anyone else experienced these issues or is searching successfully consistently

Thank you in advance
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one8solutionsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks James,  but then the Shared Calendars won't be accessible on smart phones

Microsoft has confirmed that this is a limitation

I am going to close this question
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
I don't understand this scenario.. why isn't the scheduler just adding the appointments to the contractors calendar only? I'm at a loss why the contractor needs to search shared calendars?

The workaround is to use advanced search vice simple search
James HodgeManaging DirectorCommented:
In the scenario I would recommend using one genuine 'Shared' Calendar.

Searching across multiple shared calendars is always going to be problematic.

one8solutionsAuthor Commented:
Because after working extensively with MS support they confirmed that this feature does not work with Shared calendars
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