PDFs print normal size on the first page, the rest print small

I've found a few billboards with this topic, but none of the solutions have helped.

The problem is with one windows 7 x64 pro client computer printing PDFs to a Ricoh 3601 wide format printer. The first page prints normal (well, large, it's a wide format printer). The remaining pages are very small. The computer connects to the printer via windows 2003 print server, just as the rest do.

I've also tried connecting to the printer "directly" and have used the latest postscript3 driver downloaded from the website. I then deselected "Choose paper source by PDF page size" and that didn't solve the problem, either.

 I can't find any other setting in the printer properties that could affect this. I also can't find anything in the acrobat Pro XI settings that could affect this. Another note is that this happened with acrobat pro X, as well, and we hoped that the update would fix the issue.

Any ideas??
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What happens if you print the pages one at a time? Do they then all print correctly?

Have you tried a different PDF reader, e.g Foxit or PDF-XChange? How do they behave?

first of all check the print dialog for clues.

If you select to print a multipage document you will get a slider below the Print Preview Image in the Print Dialog that allows you to check each page and its dimensions.

Move the slider to the right, do the dimensions change?

Select different page scaling options and repeat the process.

In all likelihood it is either a scaling issue at creation or at printing so we need to eliminate that the pages are not created in the smaller size.

If you could post back any findings based on above.

BitTrekkerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas. If you print one page at a time, each prints the normal--large--size. If I print for example page 3-5, page 3 prints at the normal large size, pages 4 and 5 print upside-down, in the corner, and half the size that they should be (I forgot about that part).
When I move the slider in the print preview window to the next pages, the dimension doesn't change--the dimension stays at 42x30 no matter which page is previewed.
I'll have to download another program and test it, I'll get the findings later--hopefully today.
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That is useful information, will research this a bit and if I find something will post back.
BitTrekkerAuthor Commented:
Alright, the computer with the issue has finally had foxit reader installed and the PDFs with foxit reader print correctly.
In Acrobat I would try selecting "Print as Image" under the Advanced button in the Print dialogue box. That fixes a lot of Acrobat printing problems.
BitTrekkerAuthor Commented:
I ended up using a different foxit pdf. Recently, we had the printer worked on. The enduser checked with the tech, and he found a driver that fixed this behavior (the newer driver that I had been using seems to have been causing this).

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BitTrekkerAuthor Commented:
This is what finally got it working. Not really my own solution--it was discovered by someone else.
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