Transfer iTunes from hard drive removed from laptop with dead motherboard

I'm trying to retrieve the songs within iTunes off my sisters laptop that has a dead motherboard. I've seen many posts regarding transferring the songs using a backup or by booting the HD in another computer. Niether options are available. Other posts state to "move the iTunes" folder to a new computer with iTunes installed but there are several folders named "iTunes" on a computer with iTunes installed.

Is there a way find the necessary files and their locations then move them to a new computer where iTunes is already installed?
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
You need to remove the Hard Drive from the Laptop and use an external USB enclosure or adapter kit to allow you to plug it into another computer.
Something like this ..

If you've a Windows OS (XP or 7) then the iTunes Music folder will be inside the users "Music" or "My Music" folder.
On OSX the iTunes folder is inside the user's Music folder.

It is simple to transfer the music .. however if you also want to copy the iTunes library which stores the playlists and other settings it can be more complex.

You need to provide more information on what OS the laptop was running and what OS the computer you are transferring the data to is using.
LN41Author Commented:
Hi, forgot to mention that the dead laptop is a windowsXP computer.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
If you're transferring from Windows XP to Windows XP then you copy the iTunes folder from the old hard drive (in the My Documents / Music folder)  to the same folder on the new computer.  Make sure your username is the same on the new computer to have seamless copy-over.

Once copied install iTunes and it will detect the music you copied and load in everything.

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