Visio and favorites - can I make a change in my favorites / masters / elsewhere and it goes to all docs?

With Visio 2010, how am I supposed to do this?

say I have a standard title block or some shape that is in most all of my drawings. I want to make a change to it and have all the drawings incorporate the change?

Most specifically, the title block.  I'll make the change in the text of the title block and then next time I open each doc, I would delete the title block, then drag the new title block from favorites into the drawing.

Sometimes I will forget to do that and print the page with the old style title block.  Is there a way for the drawing when opened, to use the shapes as they are in the favorites now? (where they were dragged from favorites when first being created, so they are already objects with the same names (just favorites will have a new version of that same named object..

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Hi have you tried using backgrounds before? You can set up your title block as a background page (pages are foreground by default), and then set that as the background to your other pages. I assume all the pages are in the same file. That way, when you change the title block, it will be shown on all the pages.
Hope that helps

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
thanks.  yes, I am doing that. Very nice approach, but that's the background for that set of pages  in that one visio set.  is there a way to use 1 specific page on several different visio files? That would work also.

but on a more general level, say you have an xyz brand router item in your favorite objects and it's used in several different docs (or even in several places in the same visio doc).  how would you make  a change to 1 version of that item and it carries that change to all the same item on that page, let alone to all the same items on several docs?
With the title block, have you already tried setting it up in a standalone file, then Paste Linking the block to a background sheet in all your other files? So when you update the title block in the standalone sheet, the title blocks will be updated in the other files when the links are refreshed.

With the router, that's a good idea of yours, I don't know how to do that from the favorites stencil though. Another option might be to have another standalone file (or use the same as before), and build a page of your favorite shapes. Then again Paste Link then to other files as required.
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