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Our company makes use of a very strict QMS and because of this our developers wrote a piece of software that logs and assigns a unique number to each mail that comes into and leaves our network.
Basically what happens is that all email have to pass via our receptionist before being sent out, the receptionish recieves the mail then manually enters it into our softwares, the software assign a unique number and a copy of the mail is then stored on shared folder and then the mail is sent out.
A similar process if followed for incoming mail, the receptionist receives te mail, enters it into our software, a copy is stored and then only does the mail get sent to the intended recipients.
User can view any email that is relating to a certain project via the software we developed, it's kind of like a email cataloge/management system
The process is very lengthy and it cause a huge amount of duplicate mails on the system.

Now our Directors are wanting to streamline this process by allowing all staff to send out emails on their own and not via the receptionist, but at the same time they would like to enforce our QMS in a way that forces the users to complete a certain set of fields, these mails should then in turn be available to any users who wants to view the mail.

Is there a way to achieve this without the use of third party software?
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you can enforce the presence of certain words/phrases via transport rules i.e. subject must contain "[approved]"

what are you trying to enforce being put into an email
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
We have about 15 additional fields that need to be entered that makes it easier to identify a mail should a user require the mail for later reference. But some examples of fields that are entered:

Project Number
Project Name
Outgoing number (this number is randomly generated)
Incoming Number (this number is randomly generated)
Client Name

Just to mention a few

While waiting for a responce here I have to searching around to find more info; would forms work? Maybe create a custom form that has those fields pre configured.
yes you could publish email templates with those fields in there.

Its not easy to push out automatically without 3rd party products as i looked as this for my environment as its mainly a user interaction

once you have done this you can use transport rules to ensure that its being used and complied to
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DJMohrAuthor Commented:
What about creating a custom form?
poor wording on my part - for templates i do mean forms

here are some tips about publishing them

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