Exchange 2010 POP3 connectors HA under DAG environment.

We have two exchange 2010 formed a DAG for HA. And now we want to use third-party POP3 connector to collect incoming emails from oversea servers. In order to have real time fail-over, two POP3 connectors need to support real-time synchorinze their database.
That is, if server A is down, server B is able to auto take over all tasks immediately. And allow us to  switch over back to server A manually after the problem fixed.

Any advise?
Thank you.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
In most cases all POP3 connectors do is deliver the email to the server via Hub Transport, rather than direct to the database. Therefore you will just need to configure them correctly.
However it depends on which connector you are using, there is nothing native.
The best people to ask are the developers of the connector.

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