SSIS OLEDB destination not picking up default value from Schema

SQL 2005 / BIDS

We have an SSIS package that transfers data from one table to another . When we add a new columns to the destination table that does not allow nulls and set a default value, SSIS doesnt pick this up.

When we insert into this table from SQL or an app, the default value is applied so tha apps dont need editing, but when we put data in via the SSIS package he routine fails and we have to edit the task to add in the mapped column with the same value as the default.

Is this a bug in SSIS or something we are doing wrong
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Tony303Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I meant the "keep Nulls" checkbox.
What is the setting in the connection manager for the destination?
Look at the connection manager tab, "allow nulls"checkbox.
ASPDaddyAuthor Commented:
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