Restore exchange database and document backup to new server

Hi All

       I have a server 2003 R2 standard sp2, with exchange 2003 installed, and i have a full backup of exchange document level & database level, recenlty the server 2003 has broken down, and we are going to purchase a new server with os window server 2008 r2 standard 64 bits, just wonder if i can restore the document level & database level by using CA Arcserve to the new server ? or suggested to install os server 2003 R2 standard ?

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Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
install Exchange 2003 on windows 2008 server( new server)

once installation is done you can restore exchange database for this server.

Document level backup will not restore complete Exchange server.
you won't be able to install Exchange 2003 on Windows 2008 R2 (even with Windows 2003 x64 was not supported for Excahnge 3003)
So, here are the steps to follow :
- install a Windows 2003 server on a new hardware (same edition, service pack, etc)
- restore system state, if you don't have this backup, name the server after its original name and the same ip address (optionnal but really helpful)
- reinstall exchange in disasterrecovery mode
- restore your database

Here is an official technet link

If you want to upgrade to a new x64 server, you will have to think about a transition by implementing Exchange 2007/2010 on a new server and move your mailboxes to it

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piaakitAuthor Commented:
what about if i install window 2003 r2 32 bit, i have backup also the .edb files, is it possible to copy the edb file to the new server , and after i have installed exchange 2003 in the new server, can i mount this edb file directly ?

and the broken down server is not the only DC in the company, another DC is exist, can i just promote this new server instead of restoring the system state ? and suggested to use the same host name and ip address of the broken down server ?

how do i install exchange in disasterrecovery mode ?
My previous answer will help you restore your exchange server the easiest way.

However, if your exchange server was also a Domain Controller, you will have to add a step Before Exchange installation (setup /disasterrecovery) you will have to promote the new server as a dc ( 2003 R2 x86 previously installed, same name, same ip, domain joined, etc)

Restoring exchange files means .edb of course but also includes .stm, transaction log files .log and system files .chk, that's why restoring from your backup through Arcserve might be helpful as far as it contains all the needed files.

For detailed informations on each step (including disasterrecovery setup mode command), read the first link in my previous comment and don't forget to add  :
- dcpromo before installing exchange (not supported after)
- arcserve installation to be able to restore exchange databases and files esasily after exchange install
piaakitAuthor Commented:
as i have two backup, one is in backup tape , the other one i directly copy the exchange folder from where the edb files located, as the new server i might not be able to connect the old hp tape drive, i would perfer to copy the edb files including transaction logs , stm and .chk back to the new installed exchange 2003, will this be possible also ?
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