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Hi Experts,

I have set up my backup now.
I use BE2012SP2.
All jobs are configured but I want to know if this is correct.

I have 5 different clusters and a lot of other servers.
From each server I backup the SystemState.
And each cluster (DB´s, Exchange etc.) is configured with a full backup and a differential backup.

Is there a need to backup from each server the C partition ?
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There is no need for C:\ backup
Its good.

Let me explain once more and please correct if something wrong:

1) All servers (not primary) System State backup
2) All Servers (primary) Full backup then differential backup
3) this is configured for all cluster ( All cluster contains its own primary server)
4) Backups are stored out of server ( on a shared storage)
5) there is no network related issue between storage and servers ( so that backup can run fine)

If this is true then you are safe, if not then review your backup configuration.
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech lead
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looks good make sure for exchange backup GRT option is selected for granular recovery.
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It depends what you are storing on C drive. Normally, I take C drive back too. Say you have OAB stored in C drive then, I would surely take C drive backup. You didn't mentioned Exchange version or other applications. It depends application to application. Read there backup guides, what to backup or not. Like below are for 2010 Exchange server.

Let me know, if you need more info.
2) All Servers (primary) Full backup then differential backup

What do you mean by this?

2) All Servers (primary) Full backup then differential backup

It means configure all primary servers for a full backup once (you can configure weekly/monthly also) then after differential backups everyday.
Eprs_AdminSystem Architect


ok this all what I need.

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