Lotusscript webservice to transfer data


I need to create a webservice and through calling the webservice i want to transfer lotus notes document to another platform.
I have no experience with webservice in lotusscript , can you guide me how to create one for data transfer purposes, code samples and introduction would be greatly appreciated..

step by step what should i do?
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see Domino developer help:


It has several subtopics explaining how to use them, and examples!

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nicedoneAuthor Commented:
tnx for the post but i wd also need to know that
my purpose is to send data from lotus notes db (lotus notes documents fields)
i want to transfer multiple times a day

the other system is SAP  so

should i create a webservice provider or consumer

should i make a scheduled agent and callm my provider or consumer

how the solution i should make?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
And it cannot be done using LEI ?
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nicedoneAuthor Commented:
no unfortunately because later on lotus notes wil be discarded and another platform will be used for this purpose so it should be platform independent.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Which side is to initiate the transfer? That side usually becomes the consumer/client and the other side the provider/server.
nicedoneAuthor Commented:
My side which is the lotusside will initiate it and this transfer should happen every day so through a scheduled agent ,it should be triggered.
I get the distinct feeling this question is way to large for this forum. I think you would benefit greatly to hire appropiate help for a proper migration.

Also, there exist multiple option for coexistence of SAP and Domino, so the past investment in Domino need not be thrown away.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
If you are going to initiate transfers from the Domino side, you'll have to build the service in SAP, to be consumed by the agent. You need someone to develop the service on SAP, in such a way that it can accept lots of data and many calls. The agent is only the sender of the data, processing will occur in SAP. You'll have to develop some sort of replication protocol: what to send, what commands, how versatile, etc. Lars is probably right: get an Expert to help you.
nicedoneAuthor Commented:
Hi basically I want to get a big picture point of view like

SAP will develop the provider and provide me the WSDL file.with this wsdl file I will create my consumer and call the appropriate function defined in wsdl  in a scheduled agent.
in the function defined in the wsdl file since I will send lotus notes document information
,parameters will be the fields that they want to transfer

Is that what I am supposed to do? right

I will be sending lotus notes document field values so when you say;

"it can accept lots of data and many calls"

you mean they should define a function in wsdl with field parameters to accept the document information...can we say it will be that way or anything specific I need to know??


when you say;

"there exist multiple option for coexistence of SAP and Domino, so the past investment in Domino need not be thrown away"

can you offer me the solutions that comes to your mind ? next system will me  oracle bpm so after sometime oracle bpm will need to transfer to SAP with the hope of no more development.
try gedys intraware
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