Saving Word 2007 .docx in Word 2010 bloats file size

Hi, when I use Word 2010 to open and save a file that is 30kb in size that was created in Word 2007, the file size bloats to a couple of mb in size.  Simply opening and saving makes this happen.  The file does contain an embedded fonts.  But why does the embedded font not cause a problem in the Word 2007 .docx file, while it bloats saved as Word 2010?  Any ideas?
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If you have pictures or any other drawings into your document, see if this answer will clarify you problem: Word 2010 File Bloat.

Basically it seems that Word 2010 will almost "double" the pictures saved inside the ZIPped file and this the size will increase without any apparent reason.

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mariejAuthor Commented:
If before saving, I choose File, Options, Save, and uncheck the option to embed the fonts, and then save the file in Word 2010, I don't have the file size bloat.  So I know the embedded font is causing the problem.  I just don't understand why the file saved in Word 2007 with the embedded font does not have a huge file size, which just opening and saving in Word 2010 does.

sorry for the delayed answer... but after my tests bloating seems to appear in the following conditions:

1. Opening the Word 2007 file in Word 2010 will have on the title the "Compatibility mode" mark and without doing anything else, just pressing save, will NOT modify the file size.
2. If selecting "Save as" to save the file to the new 2010 docx file format will increase the file because will embed the fonts again - this is seen if change the DOCX extension to ZIP and navigate to the word\fonts folder of that archive.
3. Same "bloating" will occur when you convert the file before pressing save (from the File\Info\Convert menu.
On both steps 2 & 3 "compatibility mode" tag will disappear because now the file is converted to the new 2010 docx file format that modifying the file structure will try save in that compressed file a lot more information.

Also the "bloating" appears as you said when uncheck the "embed fonts" option, saving the file and check it again - this will cause the Word 2010 to embed the fonts in it's own style that will cause that couple of MB increase.
mariejAuthor Commented:
Answers were behaviors that I have already seen - not an answer to why the embedded fonts in the Word 2007 file don't bloat that file, while saving in 2010 does.
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