Responsive Font Solutions using Bootstrap and responsive template


I am finding that while a headline font (for example) might look fine on a destkop display, it looks too big on cell and similar small display.

Would using ems uinits instead of pixels help resolve it?

See this link, for example: Slideshow re responsive design

Would google fonts have any part in this issue?  I doubt it, but thought I'd bring it up.

Rowby GorenAsked:
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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Here's a link to the site I am working on -- so we can have something to look at.

redirec to development site

Note the headline font "Welcome to the...."

and "Our Galaxies"

They are too big on cell, for example.


Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Rowby, were you able to duplicate the typography on the sample?  I use bootstrap and I don't remember having this issue.   Actually on mobile, the font and images can go to a larger size.  

I have checked on my android and desktop and all reads well. However, I can see where you may want the h1 to be smaller if you have a lot of text.  

In that case, I would suggest creating a separate style sheet.  Currently, the h1 is set at 36px.  On your custom sheet, either set h1{font-size:24px;} or make a special style h1.special{font-size:24px;}

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
The issue I see is with the li's that go beyond the white area.

Student Opportunity Fund
R. U. Nelson Fund
Classroom and Theater Availability
Instructor/Performer Referrals
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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Hi  padas

Thanks for your comments.  I will dig into the link you sent.

I will probably move the section that begins with  Ethnomusicology into the white area.  I am going to have a meeting with client to determine what really needs to show on cell.  Using bootstrap enabled Joomla I will either turn off that module for cell or move it to a position within the white area.

I probably won't resume dealing with the fonts today. But will dig into it tonight or Tuesday.

Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Good!   Thanks for doing that!
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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  Sorry for the delay in awarding the points!
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