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I have a page that is not showing the left module menu. My site is using SEO friendly URLs.

The following page:


Needs to have the left module menu like this page:


There are pages that I don't want to have the left module menu, like this one:


I have noticed that the pages that use SEO friendly URLs show the menu and the ones that don't use SEO friendly URLs don't.

How can I code the links so that the pages with non-friendly SEO links still show the module menu?

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Rowby GorenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure why your modules aren't showing on those pages.,

But one thing you can get is Advanced Module Manager:


It gives you incredible control of where you want your modules (or menus, etc.) to show.

If you use this, make sure you select "ANY" rather than "ALL" in the main menu selection panel.

Also I see that you are using MAXINENUCK.    If you need, at any point to do styles customization - one of Maximenu's features -- you will need to temporarily switch back to Joomla's core menu system -- but that's easy to do -- just click on the link in the module to temporarily switch back to the core system.  You won't lose any of the advanced features of the Advanced Module Manager.

Take a look at this Youtube tutorial  You tube advanced module manager

Again I am not sure this is the root of your problem.  But check it out.

dynamicOneAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll give it a try. I am going to have a few more Joomla questions.
Rowby GorenCommented:
Thanks.   Let me know if it fixes it.  Or if you need a little more help when  you add the advanced module manager.

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