sql server ftp - needed ports opened in windows server 2008R2

using the SSIS feature of SQL Server to do FTP Transfer, what ports would need to be open between SQL Server and the FTP site?

in one instance, the SQL server (SSIS) will be putting the file into the secured FTP site  using id and password. at another time, it will need to read the file from FTP site and bring it down to this side.

what port are needed to be opened? will it be only on the SQL Server?
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FTP servers are usually configured to use port 21 for the control channel... The control channel is where you authenticate and send commands.  FTP uses a second connection known as the "data channel" and it is typically a port above 1024 and the exact number is negotiated during the FTP session immediately before it is used.  If the server supports Passive Mode data channels then the server's administrator should be able to tell you a port range used for this type of connection... then you give that to your firewall guy and tell him you need to make outbound connections to the FTP server on that port range.

If the FTP server only supports active mode then your firewall needs to allow inbound connections from the FTP server.

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