CSS styling in IE8

I'm having problems getting the styling working correctly for the layout of a couple pages in the IE 8 browser.

If you view this page http://www.manufacturedhomesoregon.net/pre-owned-homes/pre-owned-featured-homes/ in firefox or chrome, you can see the correct layout - but then view in IE8 and see that it's not displaying correctly.

The other troublesome page has that same layout, just a different set of homes. So getting one to work should fix both pages.

A fresh pair of eyes and some help would be greatly appreciated. I have a stylesheet set up for IE8 specific, but just haven't had any luck finding the right css to correct it. On top of it all, when I try to work in IE on my computer, it tends to freeze up and shut the computer down frequently, so it's making it that much harder for me to try to get the css fixed in a timely manner.

Thanks much for any help, Heather
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Fix your html errors first

A number of them will affect the styling and while newer browsers are more forgiving, older browsers are not.
Youhave to apply different styles for Internet Explorer. You can create a conditional style sheet that only IE sees. Here is the explanation:

Adding a conditional style sheet is explained in option #3.
DzynitAuthor Commented:
I already have the conditional stylesheet - "stylesheet specific to IE8". I'm having trouble getting styling to cooperate and fix the layout.
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DzynitAuthor Commented:
Gary, that fixed the layout problem. The errors are all in the plugin we're using for real estate, but I was able to fix the problem code in a theme template. Thanks much for pointing it out!
So fixed?
DzynitAuthor Commented:
Yep - thanks much for your help. I can't fully validate the page because that would require editing the plugin code - but the css / layout issue is resolved. That's most important right now.

So it turned out not to be a css need, but I'll remember to check for validation errors next time I run into layout problems in IE.
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