Trying to add a calculation in a Cross tab Query.

Hello experts,

Its me again.  I got help from a great expert on my query. (Thanks)

I am trying to do a calculation that I want to show up for a field in a crosstab query. I have This calculation :
biWhen you run it it looks like this:
Then a Join query SELECT * FROM qryInstalls UNION SELECT * FROM qryBUSK;
was used so It would come out on my Crosstabquery MOD KIT field:
b3I am trying to replicate this with a Field name BUSK III and do another calculations
but for some reason it will not show up on my crosstab query.
Im not getting a error message. So Im not sure what im doing wrong.

Thanks ahead for your time and help!!!
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IrogSintaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you go. The only thing I wasn't sure of is where you want the criteria for BUSK III Total in the qryTotalCrosstab query.
gigifarrowAuthor Commented:
Thank you again!!
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