Linux distribution for SOHO secure file share

What would be the best Linux choice for setting up a simple server (that will be religiously backed up), to securely share files in a non-domain windowz office?  Assume will be using a (very new/robust) PC and do a bare metal installation of the distribution.  Ubuntu?  Is Mint, OK (for a winuser like me.)

Please be kind, only dabbled in Linux but like what I see for no virus, no MS-updates constant pestering and low OS overhead.

Side note; one of the files shared could be an access db back end (tables.)
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Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
to securely share files
please specify how secure this has to be. Do you need only authenticated user/passwords or do you need TLS (encrypted transport, not just passwords) as well?

Build in would be Samba as CIFS implementation. But you can also setup WebDAV, there you have TLS or - if possible, SFTP would be a good choice, too.

IHMO there is not much diffrence in what distro you choose, they are all using the same tools. Mint will be fine. Use one you feel comfortable with. Make sure you use the latest edition.
Just keep in mind, if you want to run this configuration a longer time: The distro will be EOL at one point and you will not get security patches any more. In this case I would recommend using Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS or RedHat 6 EL.
And - I do not like it and consider it a security risk - but you can also install Webmin and administer all the stuff via a web site if you like this better than command line and editing conf files.

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As mentioned above Samba would be the best choice for linux. Be sure to install ntfsprog and ntfs-3g.

One will allow you to use mkfs and format a physical volume or logical volumes as ntfs and the other will allow you to mount them [best to create entry in /etc/fstab]

For ease of managing samba install webmin [Server management utility] it has a samba module which is very nice, although as mentioned above it is a security flaw in the sense it opens up your server via http://server:10000 allowing ability to change config/service state a whole lot, so secure it with user accounts with associated permissions to exactly do only what they need doing.
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
Thank you for quick response.  And yes, although Mint is more win like; Ubuntu LTS would be the better idea.  Thanks for reminding me.
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