Single logon for user to access desktop and outlook 2007/2010 in Server 2012 / Exchange 2013 domain?

I'm new to setting up AD and exchange.  And I am setting up Server 2012 and Exchange 2013 in Hyper-V.

Currently the end users are on XP Pro machines, running Office 2007 or Office 2010.  They log in to the PC and they are automatically logged into Outlook as well (they don't have to sign into outlook, they just open it and their mail is there).

How do I make sure that they keep that same single sign on capability in the new Server 2012 / Exchange 2013 environment?
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if your windows 2012 AD is part of your existing domain , then you don't have to do anything , you just need to migrate those users to new exchange server.

If you are setting up a brand new domain in your 2012 environment ; then you need to join workstations to your new domain .
they will , exchange server registers itself into AD and integrates into it . don't worry about it . they get along very well :)
asciiassasinAuthor Commented:
So I don't need to do anything but join them to the new domain and outlook will automatically log in and populate everything?
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