Narrowing a SQL Stored Procedure wildcard parameter

I need a SQL Stored Procedure to return Vendor information for a list in a form.

I created a View that returns only the columns that I need.

I created a Stored Procedure that returns the list using a Company parameter.  The problem is the parameter....

The Company column is a tinyint and I cast it as varchar(3) so I could use '%' as a wildcard for the parameter.  It returns the list, but does not filter like I need it to - if the parameter entered is 10, I get results for Companies 101-109 too, etc.

What is the correct/best method of including a wildcard that will return the needed result?
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Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
>varchar(3) ...  '%' ... if the parameter entered is 10, I get results for Companies 101-109 too, Working as designed.   Both values have the text '10' in them.

If you expect the return set to only be 10 when a 10 is passed, then you'll need another parameter to tell SQL if it should use a wildcard vs. varchar() value, as opposed to a WHERE some_number = @number_parameter.

If there's something with the above logic that I'm missing, then you'll need to state in detail what you want the SP to do.

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