How do I FTP a file form the ASA flash to a windows server?

I can only use FTP to move files between an ASA, and a windows server.  For other reasons, I can not use SCP, TFTP, SSH, etc.   I can only use FTP.   I would also like to FTP files into the flash directory on the ASA.

Please list the steps on both the ASA and windows servers.

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dipopoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ASA Firewall:

Using FTP
From a command line:
1. Enter the following command:
copy ftp://[username[:password]@]<SERVER>[/path]/filename {flash:/ | disk0:/ | disk1:/ } [path/] filename
copy ftp://cisco:XXXXX@x.x.x.x/ asa803-19-k8.bin disk0:/ asa803-19-k8.bin
2. ASA will confirm the server and filename, review each and press enter:
Address or name of remote host [x.x.x.x]?
Source username [cisco]?
Source password [XXXXX]?
Source filename [asa803-19-k8.bin]?
Destination filename [asa803-19-k8.bin]?
3. If the ASA can communicate with FTP server, you should see a bunch of !!!!!!! filling
your screen. Monitor this process, if you do not have enough space in the location you’re
copying the file to, you will receive an error during the write process.

FileZilla FTP Server Windows:

1. Run the exe installer
2. Select admin port and remember this port
3. Launch FileZilla Server Interface
Enter port from above, enter (new) password for administration, click ok/connect
4. Create a user and/or group with permissions to a home directory. [This will be folder where you file resides xyz.bin]
5. Complete
Patrick BogersConnect With a Mentor Datacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

To help you we need to know which software version your ASA has.

In this link, look for your version 7.x or 8.x
jimmycherAuthor Commented:
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