Crashed 2003 DC w/ no backup - and no backup DC on network

Hi - question on rebuilding a single 2003 domain controller that has crashed - with no backup - that has 3 add'l member servers in this single domain - and appx 25 end users running Wyse thin clients.

1 of the member servers is a Terminal Services box - the other an application box and the 3rd not quite sure yet at this point.

Questions (at this point):

#1 - With a "single" domain controller rebuild situation, can this rebuilt server be dcpromo'd with maintaining the originally configured domain name?

#2 - Can the rebuilt DC be given the same netbios name as originally assigned?

#3 - Can the originally assigned IP address be re-assigned to the rebuilt server?

#4 - Member Servers - on a typical w/s I would know to remove/rejoin the domain. Any idea what I'm looking at with these domain-based member servers? Not sure if these need to be treated the same as a w/s by  removing/re-joining the domain in the same fashion as a workstation?

#5 - Thin clients (WYSE in this case) I've not worked with before. Nothing is bootable at the moment, so can't tell if they're joined to the domain, or what domain-based configuration issues I may be looking at with these thin-clients. Comments appreciated on this item.

All I can think of atm. Huge thanks for any assistance/input.
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Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
Yes, you can rebuild the Domain controller with same NetBIOS name, IP address etc, but the computers and the member server would not be able to log on to the new domain even though it the same name, forest etc because of new SID that has been generated for the new DC.

You will need to disjoined all the member servers and rejoin them back to the domain, so are  the wyse terminals. Also you will need to set up all the users, groups and if you have any gpo.

Shared located on the DC need to be set up with appropriate permission.

In essence it is as if you are setting up the whole configuration.

All the best

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Mohammed TahirMicrosoft Exchange and O365 AdministratorCommented:
First if all it is not good practice to keep single Domain Controller in a Domain. As you do not have system state backup of your DC, you have to install/rebuilt the new Domain controller in new forest.

Yes, you can use same domain, NetBios Name and IP address of your old DC. But you need to disjoin and rejoin all the workstations and member servers.

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
If you are doing a complete rebuild of the domain you can use the same internal domain / NETBIOS name (might get confusing if you were in a larger enviroment) if you have to add all of the machines back to the domain that have the same domain name (keep a list)

Answer to Questions below...

#1: You are completely starting over so the answer is yes same domain name is fine.
#2: Same NETBIOS name is also fine (new domain new SID/GUID)
#3: You can use the Same IP as well
#4: You have to re-join every machine back into the domain (servers and workstations)
#5: Machines not booting at all is another issue not domain related.

If you have Exchange, this will also need to be rebuild/configured along with all of the Distributon Groups and Security groups as well.

Hope this helps
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hwtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quik follow-up.

I did get a look at one of the member servers, the server that is the main Terminal Server. There were a ton of icons, shotcuts on this TS desktop.

As I've never had to remove/rejoin a server as in this particular situation, I'm going to guess that when I rejoin the TS to this newly created DC - and do the initial logon - that my desktop slate will be wiped clean? Is this correct?

Is there a profile copy utility that I'll need to use to get the old server domain profile moved to the new profile created on initial login?  Any suggestions on this?.....thank you.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
When you add the TS back to the domain you are correct you will login with a new profile. All of the other profiles will still be in the local directory (c:\users or c:\documents and settings). You can then simply copy the contents from one profile to another i.e. Desktop/Favorites/My Docs/etc.
hwtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks Spec - appreciate the followup and clear on copying shortcuts, etc to new profile desktop container.

This TS member server is the server that the thin clients are pre-configured to log onto. I was able to gather that information. But with DHCP, DNS, etc not avail due to the DC being offline, the login process didn't get far and wasn't able to get to a "local" desktop if there is one, to see if they're domain joined, or what.

Not sure if you've put any time in on these, but will the thin-clients need to be removed/re-joined as a typical workstation would, under this particular situation? Thanks -
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
If you cannot afford to keep 2 or more DCs then I suggest that you get at least the System State backup on a daily basis  and have it stored on a different server.  In an event of DC failure, all you need to do is install the OS and then restore the System State.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
In short you are going to have to re-install the server, rebuild the domain and add all the other machines to the new domain.

Even if you use the same domain name - its a new domain so there will be no trust relationship between the new DC and the existing machines.
hwtechAuthor Commented:
While I do appreciate everyone's input on this case, the awarded points I feel were most useful to me.

And as an update, the input was indeed what needed to be done to get this customers network back up and running. And on the thin-clients, there was nothing special that needed to be done with these units. They were already pre-config'd to log into the domain-based TS box, and from there, their desktop profiles were as config'd under the TS D&S folder settings.

Appreciate everyones assistance on this.
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