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Hey Guys,
I have an issue that I am curious about getting some feedback on. I built a transport rule in a Exchange 2007 SP2 to block email from a specific distribution list to recipients external to our organization.

During the testing, I added myself to the distribution list. It seems to be working, so I removed myself, but now it still thinks that I am in the distribution list.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? I found an section on TechNet that talks about it the Expanded Groups cache storing group membership for 4 hours, but then I noticed that that article was applying to 2013, so I'm not sure if that applies.

Anyway, it's not a big deal because I just disabled the rule for the time being. But, eventually I need to get it enabled and I'd like to know what's going on here. Maybe restarting the transport service will reset it, but I'd rather not have to do that. If it's just a few hours, then that's fine, I can wait it out for changes.

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Yes, you are right.

Each Hub Transport server maintains a recipient cache that's used to look up recipient and distribution list information. The recipient cache reduces the number of requests that each Hub Transport server must make to an Active Directory domain controller. The recipient cache updates every four hours. You can't modify the recipient cache update interval. Therefore, changes to transport rule recipients, such as the addition or removal of distribution list members, may not be applied to transport rules until the recipient cache is updated.

To force an immediate update of the recipient cache, you must stop and start the Microsoft Exchange Transport service. You must do this for each Hub Transport server where you want to forcibly update the recipient cache.
Vijaya Babu SekarAssociate Ops ManagerCommented:
you can restart the service  "Microsoft Transport Service"  it may be replicate will happen immediately

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