Exchange User - Disconnected from Outlook Randomly

I have a user that is constantly being disconnected from our Exchange server at random times.  The user will be working just fine in Outlook and periodically they will show up as "Disconnected" from the Exchange environment.  I have been unable to pinpoint why exactly this user is having this issue.  There isn't anything out of the ordinary with this user aside from they had a name change years ago.  They state that the problem started a while after so I'm not sure this is related.

I'm not entirely sure where to start to get more information to pinpoint the issue.

Here is what I have looked at:

1.  Event Viewer - nothing out of the ordinary and no particular errors that would direct me to a solution.

2.  Reinstalled Outlook

3.  Moved user to a completely different machine - Same problem occurs.

4.  Removed SMTP Exchange address for their previous name.

5.  Ping test Exchange server - clean

6.  Trace Route - Clean

Workstation details:
Windows 7 Professional - Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

Exchange Server Details:
Microsoft Exchange 2003
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If you hold CTRL and right click the outlook icon in the system tray you can get to connection details and test autoconfiguration for more info. Also, there is a hotfix available for Outlook disconnecting randomly.
aoiadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks ZamZ0 - I'll give that a try.
It is happened to all user for only this particular user? It is happened internally? do you user use WIFI or LAN to connect to network.

I would like to suggest, if only this user encountered the issue:

1.  Change the LAN network cable
2.  Move the user's PC and connect at different LAN port.
3.  Create the outlook profile on different PC which doesn't facing the issue
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Vijaya Babu SekarAssociate Ops ManagerCommented:
Please follow the below article. still problem persist , you can follow the another link

If it is not working above link, You can follow the below forum, it may be helpful

aoiadminAuthor Commented:
Some feedback on the suggestions that have been put forth.

@suriyaehnop - The user experiences the issue regardless of workstation.  That user can be logged into a completely different workstation in another room, and the problem persists.  This drops network connectivity as a possible cause.

@vijayhakcers & ZamZ0 - Zam, the connection status shows established and connected, and then simply disconnected when the error occurs.
What about the auto-configuration test? Did you try the hotfix?
aoiadminAuthor Commented:
The auto-configuration test went just fine, and I applied the hotfix you had suggested.  It is still the same issue.  I'm really at a loss as to where this problem could be from.
Have you tried running Outlook in safe-mode to see if the problem occurs there as well? To do so, hold CTRL while opening Outlook shortcut.

Also a windows clean boot might help narrow things down if that doesn't provide any info:

1.Click Start and select Run.
2.Type "msconfig" (without the quotation marks) in the Open box and click Enter.
3.Click the Startup tab.
4.Click Disable All; click Ok.
5.Restart your computer.
6.Check whether this problem persists. Please do not start any other programs while in Boot Mode.

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aoiadminAuthor Commented:
I am not entirely sure how to explain the solution, however, this is resolved.  I swapped out the unit and the user is no longer experiencing the problem.  Normally, I would accept that there was something wrong with the workstation, but this would be the 4th PC the user has been swapped to.  My guess is that the problem is going to resurface at some point.

In the replaced unit, I did not apply any HotFixes, just a standard installation of Office 2010 Pro.  This one has me left scratching my head...
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