How to set DHCP reservation after initial DHCP lease(s) to 200+ servers.

Hi all,

Wanted to see if you guys\girls more versed with DHCP administration can provide some input.

Here is what we are working with in a 2008 domain

(1) -  2008 DCHP Server (vm)
(250+)  - 2003 Servers  (90% vm's)

What we are trying to accomplish:

All 2003 servers need private IP's via DHCP. Those same ip's leased to each 2003 server needs to be reserved after they are assigned....we don't want them to change after initial leasing. (basically the 2003's are for developers, testers, verification..etc. These users RDP into their own 2003 vm/physical system...would be a pain if those IP's changed after the lease expired)

In a nutshell, we want to initially do a massive dhcp release to these 250+ servers then somehow make those ip's assigned a permanent fixture per server (no renewals at all) is this even possible using 2008 dhcp services? Do we need a domain group policy included here? Do we need to extend renewal dates?

Thanks in advance. Any help would be great.
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Life1430Sr EngineerCommented:
Create a dedicated scope for those servers and set the lease duration to unlimited

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Reservations do not prevent renewals - the renewal process takes place in the same way and at the normal intervals - only the same IP is assigned on each renewal. All the other DHCP provided information is renewed when the IP is renewed, Gateway, DNS etc.
Keep in mind also that the reservation includes the MAC address of the client you are reserving the IP address for, so the reservation will only work for that specific client.
SysEngGuyAuthor Commented:
Sarang - so basically generate a scope and set it to unlimited? That seems in line with what we want to accomplish.

Thank you KCTS and duttcom for that information as well. It has been noted and will be passed along.

duttcom - Thanks for the mac address heads up. That is something we considered also. We don't expect the vmnic's to change per server..if so..we'll know why the ip changed, who changed the vmic and be ready to remedy the situation.
SysEngGuyAuthor Commented:
Thanks! This is exactly what we needed.

FYI don't forget to set router 003 as default gateway IP so your clients recieve the default gateway lol
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