Why strong tag does not work

I am trying to make some text bold
This works
<span class="Bfont12">Easy</span>
but this does not
Line 187
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font:inherit is overriding the default.
If you insist on using <strong> then just apply a new style
strong {font-weight:bold}
or remove strong from your reset class (roof.css line 3)

...but I hate using these types of tags and prefer spans/divs.

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isnoend2001Author Commented:
Someone suggested replacing <span class="Bfont12"> with the strong
which i use a lot for bold text
think i will stick with span
Reading my comment again I don't think I made it clear, but because you are setting font:inherit to all elements in your reset class then the strong tag is inheriting the parent tags font attributes.
Which in this case is a font weight of normal

Just in case I was confusing you...

Just remove the strong from the reset class, it is a valid tag and has no other default attributes apart from making text bold.
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isnoend2001Author Commented:
thanks that was easy
Curious why strong instead of <b> for bold
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Bold vs strong is more of semantics.   It's the difference between making something just visually darker vs making it semantically more important.  Typically, visually you see the same.  Strong is supposed to make the word(s) have emphasis in a screen reader.  I don't know if it still holds true, at one point it was recommended for SEO to also show importance.   I have always continued this out of habit although today I could not say this would really make a difference in seo.  Knowing people that use screen readers and have complained about sites, I keep using it.

isnoend2001Author Commented:
Thanks padas
After reading your link I see.
Bold vs Strong I will use both of them at different times
padas has touched on the difference and on my way to the bar (so excuse my drunkenness if the following doesn't makes sense) it got me thinking of the difference.
In HTML5 <strong> has an accented difference than it did in previous versions of HTML.
It now has the additional attribute of signifying something of significance/something that has importance in the page.
So in your case you should not be using strong as a tag since you are using the HTML5 doctype but using a span.  The content of your strong tag, as you have it now, has no real relevancy, you are just trying to emphasise a heading (maybe an header tag would be more suitable)
If you wanted to emphasise a statement within your text then using a strong tag would be the way to go.

Incidentally you are asking questions that would be a great basis on which to write an article about how to write a great SEO web page without doing any SEO.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I think strong always meant the similar thing.   I somewhat agree with GaryC123 but not because of html5, because you really only are bolding the first word.  However, back to screen readers, if you want your blind friends to get the same affect as a visual bold, that is where strong comes in.  

Of course, if you ask multiple people, you get multiple opinions.  I have a client that I never could convince to not copy and paste from ms word to the wysiwyg and the mark up on all the blog posts are embarrassing. The quality and depth of the content prevailed over bad mark up.  This is why you will always see me say, "content, content, content" in seo questions.

It definitely is not something to loose sleep over.  Your content is 100 times more important than worrying about about <b> vs <strong> as shown in your previous question http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web_Development/Web_Languages-Standards/CSS/Q_28239823.html#a39494198

Gary, your supposed to drink at the bar, not before.  Happy Monday/Tuesday!
isnoend2001Author Commented:
I have decided this;
For only visual presentation i a will <b> or a span
If it is Important I will use <strong>
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