Photoshop Automate/Batch That Performs a Save As

I am trying to create a batch script or Actions that will perform a Save As a PSD but would like to name the file the same name as my top layer.

Here are some details of what I have. I have a PSD file of a custom icon that I have created. In a folder I have about 100 PNG files that I would like to:
1) "Place" into my icon PSD
2) Overlay and Apply a circular mask hiding the edges and making the PNG image fit perfectly inside of my icon
3) Save as Icon PSD file as PNG

I am currently using an action that does everything that I have mentioned above the only problem is that I cant record an Action that performs a Save As and names the now edited Icon PSD the original PNG file name.

I am sorry. I hope I explained myself well. Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,
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David BruggeCommented:
Have patience, I'm researching this for you.
David BruggeCommented:
Ah ha! Sometimes we old dinosaurs get stuck in our ways and we have to learn a new trick now and then.

In my day, we just had the Batch command. Times have changed.

Assuming all of your images are in a single folder, select them all in Adobe Bridge. Then go to Tools>Photoshop>Image Processor.

Then at the bottom, check Action, and select your action.

Image processor gives you the option of overwriting your files, or saving them to a new folder (recommended)

Let us know how it works out.

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spaced45Author Commented:
Goodness. I was in those settings a few times and completely overlooked that. I went in, did what you said and it worked like a charm. Thank you!
David BruggeCommented:
Ha ha,

Same here. I knew it was down there but never used it.

I wasn't putting two and two together. I sent a message last night to a buddy of mine at Adobe. With his usual patience, he pointed me to the obvious.

Glad it worked.

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