Is there a way to avoid the error "Type Conversion Failure" when importing a date field in Access 2003 using the Import Specification in which some records have a NULL value in the date field?

I am working on an Access 2003 application using an MDB type file.
I import a text file using the Import Specification.
One of the fields I import is a date field which has a date format of yyyymmdd.

Some of the text file records I import have an actual date while other records have a date value of NULL.

When I finish with the import wizard, it generates a table with errors as a result of completing the import wizard in which the first field is titled Error and the values for this field are all the same value of "Type Conversion Failure".

Is there a way to avoid the error "Type Conversion Failure"?
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
"yyyymmdd" is not a Date Type value, it is Text.
set it as Text in your Import Specification
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