Virtualization Design

I am in the process of developing a proper plan for virtualization. Please let me know if i have left out any important technical aspects:

1. 3 Vmware Host Machnine with Vmotion on IBM M4 3550/3650 Server

2. IBM V3700 SAN Storage with FC Connectivity

3. IBM Backup/Management Server running Veeam and with Local Storage

4. Quorum® onQ™ Appliance -onQ-260 for DR

Right now i am not able to decide whether to go for the IBM M4 3550/3650 Servers, can some one point out the pros and cons?
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Can you let us know why do you prefer going with IBM M4 3550/3650 Servers?

Or, despite the technical requirements, what are your business requirements for doing virtualisation?
2. IBM V3700 SAN Storage with FC Connectivity
Don't you think that SAN might be a single point of failure? Do you really need SAN?
Galaxy_ManAuthor Commented:
Our main business drivers for the Virtualization are the following:

We have a small Data Center and we don't want a physical server sprawl
We want to have an organized backup
Minimize Capital Expenditure
Maximise ROI

We have zeroed in on these (IBM M4 3550/3650 Servers) after analyzing our requirements.
I feel SAN is only a SPOF if it's badly implemented.
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I feel SAN is only a SPOF if it's badly implemented.
Ok. I just wanted to make sure you read the following articles - they might be interesting for you:
Or, despite the technical requirements, what are your business requirements for doing virtualisation?
It's not really a question that needs to be asked today. Virtualization is a general best practice. It's better to ask "What strong technical reasons do you have today not to virtualize?"
jandelbasanalSystem AdministratorCommented:
that would be ok if you use SAN. I believe you are not planning to use the SAN as boot device.

One thing you should consider is your SAN cabling. How do you plan for zoning?

Galaxy_ManAuthor Commented:
that would be ok if you use SAN. I believe you are not planning to use the SAN as boot device

The esxi hosts will boot from the local drives and the Vm's will be hosted on SAN.
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Here is my two cents:

1. V3700 is a block device only.  If you do not have Tivoli, you cannot monitor the performance of the SAN.  The device provides only 5 or 15 historical performance details
2. Most SANs ship with software that allows snapshots to be created by the SAN itself, ditto for backup.  With IBM V3700, you will be able to do that only if you Tivoli Storage Management Suite (TSM)
3. Functions such as flashing firmware, etc. requires SSH access and cryptic commands
4. IBM buzzwords such as flashcopy, etc. requires TSM
6. Does not support File (i.e. you cannot create a NFS share)

If your requirement include monitoring and management of the device then please quiz IBM and monitoring, backups, management for an organization without TSM.

For better price, functionality and performance look at Dell solutions (they include everything from EqualLogic to Compellent) which includes software and hardware.  This could be a one stop shop or as I like to call, one throat to choke.

I don't know what your compliancy policy is but if you are keeping financial data then you need it for 7 years and it is also a good idea to have offsite data storage.  If you need to comply this then you need a tape drive for offsite tape storage.

Don't fall for all the promises all these vendors make with their fancy disk systems for backups, etc.  They are bound to fail and they have failed.  I know of a firm that lost all their backups for the last year because of a power spike which only killed 3 drives on the backup appliances RAID-5 array.

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