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Mysterious SBS2011 - 20.00hrs backup failing.

Hi all.

We have seen this behaviour on 2 of our clients SBS2011 servers (and our own)

We have ntoiced that at 20.00hrs a backup will fail even though we have not specified an 8pm (20.00) backup.

In the SBS2011 Console - Backup and Server Storage - restore server data from backup - in here it lists all the backups performed and in the 'Messages' box at the top there are entries for 20.00 backups failing even though no 20.00 hrs backup has been requested.

In addition I can find no entry in scheduled tasks for this backup time.

The only thing I can think of - is that when you first set-up the SBS2011 backup facility the DEFAULT backup time is 8pm (20.00hrs). This has of course been removed / changed and there is only one backup performed - in this instance 23.00 hrs.

Can anyone help on this please.

Thank you
Andy Keen
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
First, why is the backup running for 20 hours. There should be something available to reduce that time.

2nd, take a look at memory, disk space, possible application swap file getting to large...

Are you using Windows server backup, Backup Exec, Acronis....?

Describe the server:  O/S version, Drives, disk space available.....
AndyKeenAuthor Commented:

Sorry for confusion - the backup is not running for 20 hours - A backup starts at 20.00 hours (8pm)

Knowing that does that help read the question differently ?

And we use the SBS2011 built-in backup solution - memory and swop file fine etc.

Thank you
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
If the backup fails, check the Windows logs and verify there is nothing power cycling in your environment that temporarily cuts off network connection that would stock access to a resource the backup is using.
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
check if SQL backup is configured .. and that may be failing ..

you can also check event logs.. ( timeframe )

Also verify if you have not configured Shadow copies for this server.
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